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House rules

General rules

All residents and guests are to have acknowledged and are to abide by these house rules at all times.

  1. It’s not allowed to leave trash or waste in or around the building other than in the designated containers.
  2. Wastebags are not allowed to be left in the hallways, no excuses accepted.
  3. Do not leave bulky trash in or around the building. For bulky trash residents and/or guests are to make an appointment with ROTEB, then you can leave the bulky trash around the building at the appointed place, as agreed with ROTEB. ROTEB’s services are free. Please call 14010 for an appointment or make one online.
  4. Do not leave mail and other litter in or around the building and hallways.
  5. Do not place any objects or obstructions in de hallways or staircases regarding to safety in general.
  6. Residents and/or guests are to abide by the laundry rules.
  7. Residents and//or guests are not to cause any nuisance.
  8. Residents and/or guests are not to commit vandalism to the residence and/or the building.
  9. The use of the terrace with more than 3 people is not allowed between 10:00p.m. and 08:00a.m. without prior permission of the housing committee.
  10. When using the terrace as a location for parties or social events, there is to have been an official application for permission of the housing committee where a guarantee or bond should have been paid.
  11. Pets or other animals are not allowed in or around the building without a prior written permission of the housing committee.
  12. Promotion materials and printed matter are not allowed to be placed/ hung/ glued in or around the building without prior written permission of the housing committee. After getting the permission you should take notice that the promotion materials and other printed matter will be removed every other week.
  13. Smoking is not allowed in the communal areas. (Hallways, staircases, laundryroom and elevator.)
  14. The bycicle storage room is exclusively for the storage of bycicles.
  15. When caught or proving of violations of these rules, guests will receive a fine immediately by one or more of the housing committee members, the treasurer or the buidling manager.

The House rules are for the protection and preservation of the pleasant living and study atmosphere in our building. There will be a fine of € 25,00 per violation of the housing rules, after 2 official warnings within the course of 6 months in accordance with the tenancy terms and the administration rules. These fines are to be immediately paid in full and in cash. Guests will get no prior warnings. The fine will be increased with every direct or indirect costs resulting from the incident in case of any (further) damages.

Housing Committee Snellinck II

Building manager: Royston Paulina

Rules regarding the washing facilities

  1. All residents, who would like to use the washing machine at a certain time, are to reserve via www.snellinck2.nl/was/
  2. For more information and procedure please read the manual received.
  3. Your reservation is annulled five minutes after the scheduled time; another resident is allowed to wash. Please pay attention to the time of your reservation in order to not meet up with an unpleasant surprise.
  4. Another resident, with a reservation, can take out the clothes that are in de washing machine five minutes after the last wash if the resident, that was washing, isn’t on time to pick up his/her clothing. The clothes taken out of the washing machine are to be neatly placed on a clean surface.
  5. Please keep the door to the laundry room closed at all times to keep the laundry, yours and the laundry belonging to the other residents, safe from any harm!
  6. To give all residents the opportunity to do their laundry, it’s not allowed to have or make more than three wash or dryer reservations per week.
  7. All residents using the washing machine and dryer are to be aware and to have acknowledged the laundry rules.

Have a good wash!

The Wash and Housing Committee

Building Manager: Royston Paulina

Rules regarding posts on the website

  1. All posts must be in English
  2. Please respect each other in what you say and how you say it. Inappropriate discussions will be deleted without notification.
  3. Prevent useless spam: only post messages of general use
  4. Offers for students and things for sale are all allowed, but real commercial offers from unrelated companies will be reviewed very critically. Please motivate in your post why the message is especially relevant for the residents or contact the building manager before posting.